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Financial friction
or financial flow

It’s up to you

But you’re not alone.

Relevant today,

redundant tomorrow.

Customer experience doesn't age like fine wine.

Because innovation is hard work

The daily grind and heritage systems stifle forward-thinking.

We do the heavy lifting.

Because waste erodes your bottom line

Operational friction leads to time delays, higher costs and poor customer experience.

We take out the trash.

Because non-compliance is risky business

Risk and compliance matter.

We help you innovate without cutting corners.

What if innovation was as simple as hitting refresh?

With us, it is.

Embedded finance

We embed killer financial capabilities across all your customer experiences.

And voila ... No more friction!

Strategic partnerships

We assemble the partners you need to ensure an exceptional customer experience, all the way through.

Unlocking opportunities that would never have otherwise existed.

Where finance and operations meet, effortlessly.

Case study: Here’s what we could do for a mobile network operator.

By harnessing data, embedded finance and strategic partnerships, we enable telcos to offer unparalleled loan solutions.

See the consumer experience for yourself.

Imagine a pocket-sized lending partner.

Customised micro-loans are a phone tap away.

Step 01

What’s on your wishlist?

Your wish, our command.

Simply specify your loan amount and repayment term, and leave the rest to us! No forms, no fuss. Our algorithms deliver instant credit scores.

Step 02

Do you accept?

We partner with top lenders to bring the best-fit deal straight to your phone.

Accept or decline your micro-loan with a single tap.

Step 03

Payment success!

We pay the loan amount directly to the retailer or service provider. No hassle, no fuss – just smooth access to the goods or services you want, without skipping a beat.

Step 04

What’s the easiest way to repay?

Set up automated deductions, receive reminders and track your repayment progress with ease.

So, how does the magic happen?

We co-create tailored financial solutions with you, using our battle-tested process.

Phase 1
Scope and alignment

Prepare for synergy.

Let's harmonise expectations and clarify the rules of engagement.

Our ultimate aim? To forge a winning partnership and unleash unparalleled success!

Phase 2

Discovering the right problem to solve. Designing the ideal solution.

We explore your financial landscape to find out where friction is slowing you down. We create many and wide-ranging solutions, and filter them down to the essential ones.

Phase 3
Build and deploy

Ready? Steady? Go!

We test, refine and launch the best ideas, turning possibilities into reality with precision and flair.

Phase 4

Level up.

We help to balance effort versus return so that you can scale effectively.

What sets us apart?

We’re uniquely positioned to deliver the financial innovation you need, fast.

We can prove value — using your own data

Get tangible proof of value and seize the best growth opportunities.We use data to help you uncover insights, make informed decisions and drive maximum value.

We roll with rock solid technology

Our technology has a proven track record of delivering efficient financial solutions. And the best part? It works seamlessly with your current system, while unlocking a world of new possibilities that you never even knew existed!

We are the agile partner you were dreaming about ...

... with just the expertise you need.No red tape. No cookie cutter solutions. Only customised innovation plus unrivalled financial know-how. We unlock opportunities and ignite growth like no one else can.

We implement without the pain,

unlike everyone else.

Easy-peasy integration

Your tech team will love us.

Our open-API-architecture and super simple API-documentation make DX and integration a breeze.

Makeover at your own pace

Get your glow-up on.

We meet you where you’re at and steadily transform your offerings, one friction point at a time.

Play in our sandbox

... where we keep it safe and simple.

Our secure sandbox environment enables quick proof of work and results in safe experimentation and easy implementation.

We won’t mess with your plumbing

But sometimes we are the plumbing.

Our innovation sits on the edge of where you are — right next to your customer. We're not a part of your system — we're the wild card just outside it. Unless you need us to be more ...

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